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Levels of Reality and Astral Projection

A Witch understands that there is definitely more to the world than the physical reality. There are at least 7 levels of reality. Of course, there are also 7 chakras. There are 7 colors of the rainbow. There are 7 notes in an octave. This pattern shows up again and again in this world! So, it stands to reason that there probably are 7 levels of reality as well. Let's explore what they are and their associations to this world!

First level of reality: Physical. This level hardly needs an introduction, but it's important none the less! This one is associated with the root chakra, as we are firmly rooted in this physical world. Our feet literally touch down on it. Anything physical exists here. And by physical, I mean it exists in space and time. It needs space and time to exist. Like this screen you're looking at, it exists in exactly this space and time.

Second level of reality: Etheric. The etheric realm is the closest to the physical realm. Imagine it existing within a couple inches of your actual body. Anything with a physical body has an etheric template. A duplicate in the other realm. This is the energetic print of all things in the physical. In your aura it is the first layer outside of your actual body. You could think of it as your energy shadow, always following around the physical. It is associated with the sacral chakra. This could be why the sacral is so good at storing energy, it is on the energetic plane. When you're moving your own personal energy, it's on this plane.

Third level of reality: Astral. You may be familiar with the word astral, as in astral projecting. This is a skill witches have used for a long time. When someone astral projects, they are going on a journey somewhere their physical body isn't. It can be a place in the physical reality or not. This is a plane of shape and form, but not matter. Not all things in the astral plane are in the physical plane, but all things in the physical are in the astral. The astral plane manifests your thoughts into forms. So, some view it as a scary place. But the forms come from your thoughts, so it's your thoughts that are scary, not the astral level itself. It is associated with the solar plexus chakra. You know when you have a gut feeling? This could be a message from the astral world speaking through the solar plexus. Usually, you should trust these feelings.

Fourth level of reality: Emotional. The next plane is the emotional. This is where your emotions live. Some people feel very controlled or taken by their emotions, and it's because they are really affecting us in more than just a physical way. This plane is very closely related to the astral plane, as we get messages and feelings from it that are very hard to ignore. It is associated with the heart chakra, which makes sense for the emotions. This plane is also where unconditional love moves through us. Many people feel a distinct feeling when they feel true love, it is coming from this plane.

Fifth level of reality: Mental. The mental reality is the plane of thought and creation. Thoughts have less of an impact on our physical bodies than emotions. Emotions make us cry or laugh or scream. Thoughts are constantly in the background. They heavily affect emotions, but the emotions are what really make us react. It is a formless dimension, in that this is what precedes form. When we want to manifest something, it always starts as a thought. Thoughts create the form that will eventually become physical when it moves down the levels of reality. The throat chakra is associated with the mental, because words are preceded by thoughts.

Sixth level of reality: Psychic. This juicy plane connects us to everything in the universe. It can send and receive information and knowledge from the universe. It connects us to all other people and things. So, when you think of your mom and her face pops up in your mind, this is a connection of the psychic realm. Of course, it is connected with the third eye. The third eye can bring us knowledge from all over the world.

Seventh level of reality: Divine. This is our highest consciousness. The highest vibration our bodies can go. The level of complete knowing and understanding. Enlightenment. And associated with the crown chakra. Things are less symbolic in this realm, whereas in the lower realms they are much more symbolic. This is where we connect directly to the divine, the one source, all that is.

These layers are not like bricks on top of each other, but much more like water of different densities on top of each other. It's hard to tell where one begins and one ends, but they are different enough to distinguish. And know that this is not the only way to label and understand each. There are many different mystical societies that have "discovered" these many realms. Study many and practice on yourself to get a deeper understanding of what the levels of reality are and how they affect you.

INSPIRED ACTION: Astral projection is a learned skill we can all use. You don't need anything special, except an understanding of what's happening. Try this little exercise to begin to explore what astral projecting feels like. Count down into a meditative state. Feel your energy around you. Set an intention that you would like to psychically project your consciousness beyond your body. Imagine yourself standing outside of your own body, then allow your awareness to "jump" into this body. Once in your energetic body, start to explore where you are. Try going into different rooms of your house, but don't expect things to be there. Allow the image to come to you naturally. You could be looking at your own house but in a different year, maybe even before you owned it. Time is very unpredictable in this realm, and it's not required. Take a "look" around wherever you are then come back to your body and "jump" back in. Count back up to bring yourself back. Now go look around and see if anything was different. Journal about what you saw.

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