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The Power of Love!

There's nothing more beautiful in this world than pure love. It is the purest form of giving. True love, that is. Because a love that asks for something in return is not love, it's a transaction. It is not something that comes and goes with changing circumstances. True love is a state of being. It is a choice to remain in that unconditional love state. And this state of being doesn't have to be towards someone else. It can be to yourself, to the planet, or to an animal. Osho said, "Love has to be of the quality that gives freedom, not new chains for you; a love that gives you wings and supports you to fly as high as possible". This is the love I want to explore today.

Let go of what Disney taught you about love. There isn't a prince coming to find you in your sleep. No one is coming. Love is about you, not other people. There will be people you love that don't love you back, there will be ones who think they love you back, and there will be ones that actually do. Do not let their situation change your devotion to living life from the perspective of love. If you are the only person you ever feel true love from in you entire life, that is a such a precious gift to celebrate! Most people don't ever find true love. And it's because they're looking in the wrong places.

True love is brewed within. It starts with you. You will never be able to appreciate what true love is until you find it within yourself first. You won't even be able to recognize it. Because everything we see is a mirror of ourselves. So, you will only be able to see someone else's love from the depth you have seen your own love. Think about this: most people don't understand the love their mother had for them until they are a parent themselves. You see this over and over, that when people have kids, they see their own parents from a completely new perspective. But there's nothing that would've helped them understand this love until they finally felt it on their own.

What power does love have, then? The power to change you. The power to move you. The power to transform everything in your life. Not for someone else. For YOU! Love is a gift to you, from you. When you tap into the energetic flow of love, you open your whole life up to a new experience. When you become love, you interact with the world in a different way. When you are love, even a walk down the street becomes a love letter to the universe. Cooking a meal becomes an awakening. Being around others is invigorating.

So, how do you tap into this power? Well, first is accepting that it's not coming from anyone else. No one else matters in the realm of unconditional love. You accept that you will love all of the universe's creations no matter what the circumstance. If you allow circumstance to dictate your energetic flow of love, then it will forever be changing. Your mind will search for ways to make an exception every day. Conditions. Work to rid your mind of all conditions on love.

Next, get in touch with your own energy. Love is energy. We are made of energy. So, if we get in touch with our energy, we will get in touch with more of our love. Meditation helps a lot so we can tune out of the frequency of our never-ending thoughts. Think about this: if you want to listen to your own heartbeat, you'll have to slow down, take a breath, and tune in deeply to your body. The same is true for your energy. If the mind is racing, then we will constantly be carried away by these thoughts. But if we can tune in, we will hear the beat.

Learning to flow with your energy is the number one tool I can impart to you about the power of love. This is something we develop over time, with practice. Practice being the key here. When you first start flowing with energy it may feel difficult, or super subtle. But, with time and continued practice you can learn more of the depth of this energy. This is a life-long practice, that is enhanced with other people to love. Enhanced, not built on. Once you learn your own energy, then you will be able to see others energy more clearly. You will be lifted by their energy along with yours. It's a really beautiful thing that can happen.

INSPIRED ACTION: Deepen your flow with this energy. There's a really special muscle we all have that helps us pump this energy all around our bodies. It's called the PC muscle, and it's your entire pelvic floor. This includes the anus, the perineum, and the muscles of the genitals. You can activate it most easily by pretending you are peeing and have to stop the flow mid-stream. You shouldn't be using your abs at all when you contract the PC. Relax the abs, the butt, the shoulders and the jaw. It should be isolated to just the pelvic floor. Close your eyes and tune in to your heartbeat. Now begin contracting the PC. It might feel strange at first, but it's powerful. Squeeze and relax it several times slowly. The relaxation is just as important as the squeeze. Now do it several times quickly. Then slowly. Then quickly. Keep going to until you feel a bit of a connection in this. The PC is like a straw, it sucks up energy and channels it into you. It's your own personal love pump. Do this exercise for 7 days in a row, then journal about what you felt along the journey. You might be surprised.

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