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Your Power Lives Within

Tantra isn't complete without a bit of energy work. But it's more than just feeling some energy within. It's about finding your power within that energy! Anyone can visualize some energy moving up their spine. But discovering your power in that energy is a whole different story. Today I wanted to dive into some of my story around energy work and how I got here, then go into some easy ways to connect with your energy.

I found my power in my energy initially through magick. Learning to become a witch helped connect me with my power immediately! I barely had any connection with my power before I started that journey. Truly, I didn't even know what energy was or how it worked or that I could control it! Slowly discovering this energy, then actually feeling it was totally life changing!

After my expansion with energy in magick I found it easier to connect to it in Tantra. In Tantra, we learn to raise the energy through our chakras, starting in the root. The first time I felt the energy moving up was such a magical experience! It tingled and swirled up my spine and I giggled the whole time! This was the beginning of such a sweet relationship with me and my energy.

I tell you this because I want you to know that I had absolutely no experience in energy work before I started. So, no matter where you are in life, just start there. There are no prerequisites to this work. It's all a matter of practice. Energy is real. Moving energy with your mind is real. Feeling that energy move is real. There's no other answer. It's real.

Start small and work your way out from there. Don't expect huge feelings that will totally alter your life at first. It's very subtle. But you get more sensitive to this subtlety over time! There's more to this life than just the physical world. This physical world is fantastic, but don't dismiss the rest just because you don't understand it. Give it the old college try!

INSPIRED ACTION: This is an oldie but a goodie! Rub your hands vigorously together! Keep going for at least a minute! Feel the heat. Then separate your hands a foot or two, keeping them facing each other. Now, slowly move them towards each other. It can feel like they're magnets repelling each other. It can feel like tingles when they get close. It can feel like hot or cold when they come closer. Experiment with this a few different ways. I like to move them a bit out of line with each other then bring them back into alignment. I can really feel when they are aligned. This is your energetic body interacting with itself. This is real. And this is just the beginning.

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