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Here's a Practice for Discovering Your Sacred Rebel

Lona embodying the sacred rebel.

I think rebellion in this society is perfect. There are so many people telling you what you should and shouldn't do, who to be, what to say, and how to act. And it all takes you away from your most authentic truth. Tantra believes that if you get so present, so embodied, and practice meditation that the truth will become apparent to you. What's the truth? Who you are at the deepest, most real levels. And we are all different. My truth is different from yours. There are some inherent truths about humans, but from person to person we all differ in who we most authentically are. Here's a practice for helping you connect with your Sacred Rebel.

I've always identified as a rebel. And I laugh at all the rebellious titles I carry now. Polyamorous. Queer. Kinky. Vegan. Witch. Every one of these titles I had to fight to claim because society has demonized them in some way or another. But these are my essential truths. I love more than one person. I love all types of people no matter their genitals. I love non-traditional sexuality. I love animals and don't want to cause them or the planet harm (the most confusing one that still boggles my mind to this day that I have to fight so hard to keep). I would say veganism is the title I carry that gets me the most outward hatred and seething attacks. And I love living my life as a witch, connected to the sacred cycles of the planet.

Each of these titles came to me at different times in my life. Each one I had to warily tell my mom about, not knowing how she would react. Luckily, to my surprise, she reacted pretty well to all of them. And I had to "come out" as all of these things because these were all things I was told not to be. These were all things that I was raised against.

Why is my essential truth so completely demonized? Maybe it's because living this way creates a power within me that isn't reliant on their systems anymore. Their food system, which poisons our planet. Their mono-normativity that keeps people trapped and controlled. Their homophobia, which disempowers people and causes them to hide in fear for their safety. Their demonization of witchcraft that makes people reliant on patriarchal religion.

I grew up a rebel, I questioned from a very early age. This was likely a trauma response, but either way I questioned it and moved away from it. At first, I moved away from it in a reactionary way. Wanting to be the opposite just because. And through years of work, and listening to my essential trust, I was able to find more of a middle ground that felt most like me.

I don't think becoming a rebel is just choosing all the rebel titles because it feels like you should. These are more shoulds! Avoid them! Becoming a rebel is looking at all sides to every choice you make. And making that choice from your truth, not as a reaction to what you were told to do, or because this is what you think you should do. Making that choice from a place of deep embodiment, stillness, and listening within. I don't think everyone is polyamorous, or queer, or kinky, or vegan, or a witch. These are my truths, and yours may have some overlap or be totally different.

Your truth might be that you're a straight, atheist, monogamous, vanilla lover. And if that is your truth then I'll be the first one to celebrate you for finding it! What I despise is when people are just given a set of beliefs from their upbringing and never question them (and even worse, try to make me live by them). That is not a choice, that is an inherited belief, and doesn't serve your truth.

So, how do you get in touch with your most authentic truth? I think it starts with really seeing what parts of your life choices are inherited beliefs. Most people haven't even heard of polyamory. I didn't until I fell in love with multiple people and went looking for answers. Literally didn't even know the word until I read it for the first time on Google. So, here's a practice to start to see which parts of your life need some more attention, research, investigation, and meditation.

Investigate your initial reaction to this list, and if you haven't heard of one then look it up. Investigate who told you to be like this or not like this and why they would want that. Imagine alternatives. Meditate on what is most true for you. This last step could take a long time.

Love: Monogamy. Polyamory. Open Relationships. Mono-normativity. Ethical Non-Monogamy.

Career: 9-5. Corporate. Entrepreneur. Freelance. Content Creator. Job Loyalty. Small Business. Monetary freedom.

Family: Gentle Parenting. Corporal Punishment. Nuclear Family. Modern Family. Co-parenting.

Sexuality: Queer. Straight. Kinky. Vanilla. Somewhere in between it all. Casual Sex.

Food: Vegan. Non-vegan. Flexitarian. Vegetarian. Killitarian. Fasting. Diet culture. Sugar. Junk

Religion: Christian. Witchcraft. Tantra. Atheist. Monotheist. Hindu. Jewish. etc.

Gender: Man. Woman. Non-binary. Trans. Spectrum of Gender.

Friendships: Platonic. Cuddle friends. Friends with Benefits. Friends that don't fit any of these. Relationship anarchy. Friends that are as important as lovers.

Hobbies: Art. Music. Creativity. Cars. Fashion. Sports. Republican. Democrat. Libertarian. Independent. Socializing. Shopping.

Take your time when changing something. Don't try to change a bunch all at once! Your nervous system may be too traumatized and push back. Go slowly, and intentionally. Create space for yourself to feel through the changes and know that exiting an ingrained lifestyle will cause some issues. Commit to working through what comes up and continue to do research and expand your knowledge and understanding! Make friends that are on this new path, they have been through it already and can help! And also know that it's ok to change and then change again and again and again. I want to normalize the path of continuous change! Nothing is set in stone and you will continue to find new ways of living. You are so much more than just one way.

INSPIRED ACTION: Let me know in the comments which topics hit you the hardest, which ones you are trying to change, and I'll share back some support and love and maybe even some resources to check out!

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